Monday, March 28, 2011

Completed Projects!

Ok, so it is taking me longer to post here 
 than I originally thought it would! 
    Mainly because I can't remember how or when I load pics onto my laptop!  
If only I could blog from my phone!! 
 (And yes, I own a camera, but with 4 kids...  I am lucky to know where my phone is!)
                         are some pics of my work from the last two months!

My first sock monkey! 
Took about 2 weeks of on & off crocheting to finish. I gave this one to my oldest Daughter, Brittany!

My first baby shoes!These are in the mail to a very special little girl!

My first baby doll - called Mini Lulu. In the mail to a special niece! 

And 2 Chemo hats for a special friend and her mom!

I have definitely stayed busy. I did finish the Leaf Scarf but no pics yet and I am pretty sure that I have done more! Just can't remember what! But I am trying my best to load everything as I go! And will hopefully be better at posting as I go as well!!

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