Thursday, August 9, 2012

That dirty little word...

e x e r i s e.

yes, it is dirty.

it makes one sweaty and tired... & 

i do not like it at all. unfortunately, it is good for you. 
so they say.

i keep searching for easy ways out, you know, liking and repining everything on pinterest that looks like it will make it easier. so far it all looks the same - h a r d.

i was a member of Curves for almost two years and did very well. it was a lot of fun, but after a while, you loose momentum, the desire to be dripping with sweat and panting for a breath. and once it was lost, i just could not find it again.

as a dancer, i know how much exercise is good for you, i really do. i love to dance. i dance all the time when no one is looking but i still have days where my toes are just too far away to reach. but there is just something about that word that makes one lazy...too lazy to even hit the shift bar to capitalize my capitols...just sayin'.

a few years ago a doctor really did tell me something similar to the cartoon above. seriously...though, i love to dance, i enjoy Zumba (not that it is fit for public view) and i enjoy belly dancing...there is a pattern to it all - it must be fun. amazingly though, fun does not remove the muffin fluffy stuff hanging around my belt line.

well, recently, i was advised by my doctor to attend hot yoga. being a christian woman, i had not considered this theory of painstakingly entangling my body in a hot steaming, humid room of other such bodies. it just doesn't sound fun. i still have yet to try it. i met an amazing, inspiring woman in my office that is doing hot yoga (as well as a regulated diet) that has lost over 60 pounds and has no stretch marks or hanging skin from doing this. infact, she looks amazing...

therefore, i pose this question...would you? and WHY would you?

it doesn't sound fun.
but i really do want to be healthy.
enjoy life.
live long.
see my great, great, great  grandchildren's children.
(ok, so maybe that is a bit much but you get the idea)

in the meantime, i will stick with dancing with my Lord and Savior...making a joyful noise to Him and praying that my belly gets smaller and my toes move closer...can i have an amen?!?!?!?!

       Praise him with tambourine and dance; praise him with strings and pipe!
Psalm 150:4

d a n c e...
makes dirty words clean.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Skeletons in the closet...

Yes, we all have them. Some are worse than others, some are unspeakable and some are so silly they are embarrassing. But the worse part is is when those skeletons begin to find their way out and God begins to pull those layers away to reveal who we truly have become in order to begin the healing process.

There are many skeletons in my closet from my childhood that I have refused to deal with over my forty something years. Things that I am finding that my family has a long history of and has continued to bury over the last century. I have spent the majority of my life protecting those I love from these skeletons, to include my baby sister and my children. Through an unexplained chain of events though, these skeletons are coming out and dragging more and more with them. Those that I have protected had already assumed what it was that I was keeping them from and some had already been told by others what was happened.

Not to reveal these skeletons as individuals, but as a whole abuse was the main culprit - all inclusive as any abuse may be thought of by anyone. But yet, it has happened, it is out.

I was abused as a child, and from what I am understanding, my father was too and therefore he feels that in his mind it was okay to abuse. Does that make it alright? No, ofcourse not, but it does make me undestand a bit more.

As a Christian woman, I have forgiven my father. I have even forgiven my mother. For years I was burdened with anger of her not protecting us forgetting that she was a victim herself. God calls us to love but he also calls us to forgive. It is not easy and forgiveness does not mean that what happened to me makes it okay, but it allows me to move forward. God forgives those that forgives themselves, forgives others.

Matthew 6:15
But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.
Luke 6:37
[ Judging Others ] “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.

The skeletons will continue to fall out, and i will continue to grow with each one that falls. As God peels back the layers of my life, I will continue to grow and find new ministry in my life. It has not and will not be easy but I know that He will make me stronger as I grow through this period.

If you have skeletons in your closet, give them to God. Let me him help you with them, and allow yourself to grow from them. We are all called to love and forgive, be willing to admit your mistakes, ask for forgiveness and forgive those that have done you wrong. Then live in the freedom that comes from it all...begin to live life to the fullest and fulfill the calling on your life. Allow yourself to be more than just a fan, but to be a follower.

Friday, July 27, 2012

The promises of blogging...

Initially when I decided to blog (some where around many moons ago) I figured that it wouldn't be that hard. I love to write, I live to talk, I love to talk about the things I make and the things I love to do, so it can't be that hard to write about them - right?

Hmm, well, obviously it is harder than I thought. I am not just one to write about what my kids are doing on a daily basis, or even weekly (I tried that in a different blog - I think there were half a dozen post in a s many years) basis about homeschooling my four amazing children - that didn't work either. So, the question remains, what makes me tick and how do I write about it.

I love...
                                          walking                                                  God
     beaches                                                                lighthouses
                                                                                              friends                                      family

I also have to work...
                                                 Real Estate

But how do I tell you - the world - about it without boring you to death?
Well, for one, at the moment, I won't write a daily log of what i had for dinner (not unless it is an awesome recipe I must share). And when I am sick (like the last few days) I promise not to get on here and whine about how miserable I feel (even if it is true).

With that in mind, I will share about the items listed above, with the understanding that I am free to speak my opinion and not that of others - meaning, that if you don't like it, that's fine, this is how I feel not you. I promise to honor God in my writing, and to stay realistic in my the mean time, I pray that you are touched by my insights, inspired by my creations, and willing to come back the next time I post to see what else I am up to...

until then...
I'll be knee deep in my real estate books trying to pass this obnoxious test on the third of August. Prayers are greatly needed!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Flustrating, yet...


Needless to say, I failed my exam yesterday. Not by much, mind you, but I did fail. 

The first three questions told me it was a fail. They were so random. In fact, 
it took half an hour today in my office for anyone to find the answer to one of them. 
Just random fact of being a NC real estate agent. But, I have one under my 
belt and will head back next week for another - 
which will be a pass.

In the meantime, it is back to the books for another week of drowning myself in 
facts that I will probably never need to know again, but you might, so you must know - 
the important-in-someones-eyes facts... ya me!

But today is college registration for my girls and other fun 
deeds of being a balancing the checkbook for the week and 
preparing in advance for the weekly shopping (couponing!
and figuring out what household chores are first on the list and ...
well, you get the picture.

So, my faithful friends, I will leave you with this: failure does not make a man, for one, 
the word failure itself is not in the Bible*, 
therefore, sitting here for twenty-four hours or more beating myself up over failing 
an exam is useless... accept it, get over it and move on...tomorrow is a new 
day and this day has worries of its own. (Matthew 6)

*Ok, so if you do a search on Bible Gateway and search every different translation 
out there, then yes, you will eventually find the word failure, 
but understanding that the word itself is not there is amazing in itself!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Today is the day...

Yes, nerves come in bundles... 
especially when it comes to taking exams. 

Amazingly I have spent the last three, no maybe four, weeks studying for this 40 question exam and still don't feel any better about it. Yes, I have passed practice exams, but I still mess up on the same type of questions. I really thought that the TX real estate exam was hard, but
 the NC exam is just as hard. 

In this beautiful state I have to remember constructions terms and that a survey is not necessary to close, but at the same time there is also all of the rental information that was a separate entity in TX, that will be part of my job here. I am amazed at the differences just right there, but that doesn't mean I remember it all.

In the morning I like to listen to Our Daily Bread  on my phone. The very first verse given is 

 -John 16:33 - 
"In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." 

Hmm, I know an exam isn't the type of tribulation that the verse is exactly speaking of, but honestly, it feels that way. Even as self-inflicted as it is (meaning that I am choosing to take this exam), I can't help but feel troubled, but can I be cheerful and trust that it is overcome? Of 'course I can, but I have to choose to do so 

Prayerfully, with that thought, I will keep my chin up and smile and remind myself that the worse that will happen is that I will fail and have to repeat the exam

 Yes, it will be very humbling, but at least then I know what to expect and will hopefully have a better understanding of what else I need to study and focus on.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Procrastination . . .

Yep, the word for today...

I need to study for my real estate exam, balance the check book, pay the bills and buy some grocieries (couponing!!) - but, I am just tired. Actually, beyond tired. Yes, I could have slept in for another hour, but then I would have been rushing to get my car to the shop for repairs and forfeited my quiet time this morning with my Lord and Savior, but after yesterday - Monday - actaully being a Monday, it was worth getting up on time.


I don't have it today, where do i go from here...
back to my knees for another helping of grace.

If you have lost your focus, or find yourself lost in procrastination, stop what you are doing, walk away, find a quiet corner to yourself and pray. Ask God to help you refocus and define which task need to be done first. Ask Him to order your day. Then, get a cup of coffee or some hot tea and just take a couple of minutes to listen to Him. You will be surprised at what He has to say to you today, just as I am always surprised.

Be blessed my friends...

Monday, July 16, 2012

So . . . obviously . . .

I'm not very good at blogging...

any ideas on how to get better?
(I could use some hints and tricks!! )

I am not even on FB lately due to my crazy schedule!
Since December, we have moved to a new duty station in beautiful NC! I live in Sandhills now, small town of Aberdeen, where I am currently studying for
my real estate liceanse!

I am a Texas Realtor but I am
transferring my license to NC since we plan to retire here!

I am still dancing, writing and anything in between!

So, please be patient with me as I rebuild my life...
and can continue becoming a "blogger". :O)

OH! And if you are looking for a great book to read... try...

Heaven is for Real




'not a fan'

Happy Reading and be blessed!!