Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Flustrating, yet...


Needless to say, I failed my exam yesterday. Not by much, mind you, but I did fail. 

The first three questions told me it was a fail. They were so random. In fact, 
it took half an hour today in my office for anyone to find the answer to one of them. 
Just random fact of being a NC real estate agent. But, I have one under my 
belt and will head back next week for another - 
which will be a pass.

In the meantime, it is back to the books for another week of drowning myself in 
facts that I will probably never need to know again, but you might, so you must know - 
the important-in-someones-eyes facts... ya me!

But today is college registration for my girls and other fun 
deeds of being a mom...like balancing the checkbook for the week and 
preparing in advance for the weekly shopping (couponing!
and figuring out what household chores are first on the list and ...
well, you get the picture.

So, my faithful friends, I will leave you with this: failure does not make a man, for one, 
the word failure itself is not in the Bible*, 
therefore, sitting here for twenty-four hours or more beating myself up over failing 
an exam is useless... accept it, get over it and move on...tomorrow is a new 
day and this day has worries of its own. (Matthew 6)

*Ok, so if you do a search on Bible Gateway and search every different translation 
out there, then yes, you will eventually find the word failure, 
but understanding that the word itself is not there is amazing in itself!

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