Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Ok, so it has come to my attention that I am not very good at this blogging thing. I had great intentions these last six months but yet, it was an epic fail. So, maybe in 2012 i will get it together in the midst of working, going to college, homeschooling my four amazing children, moving cross country and let's not forgot being a wife and trying to keep up with my favorite past times of sewing and crafting... maybe some where in the midst of all that I will fill in the blanks on my blog!

It has been a very fruitful and busy last six months though. I went to tax school through H&R Block, and was able to secure a position with the company. My oldest daughter, Brittany, and I both started college classes and we managed to have a wonderful Christmas even though I was out of work for a year.
God is good. 
All the time. 

As we head into 2012, I pray that you will all be blessed and thankful for what God has done for you this last year. Continue to trust in Him as we venture forward by leaps and bounds into a new year and a new season of our lives.

And with that...I'll see you on the flip side!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The 'official' beginning of my juicing!

So, today is the day! I 'officially' start juicing!
It was suppose to be this Thursday and following the website
Join the Reboot.
But our juicer has finally arrived and hubs doesn't want to wait!!
We are using the Breville Juice Fountain Plus used on
Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

Tonight we are making the 'Mean Geen' from the doumentary.

The recipe is as follows:
4 celery stalks
1 cucumber
1 thumb size portion of ginger
1/2 lemon
2 green apples
6 leaves of Kale

(These are mixed into the picture to the
right...picture is of what i just bought!)

Not knowing exactly what we are doing,
we begin putting everything in one at a time...

Can you see the foam at the top?
I think that was from the lemon...not sure, but it smells like celery.

So, here goes nothing....

UHHHH...not at ALL what I expected!!
Will take some time to get use to it!

SMELL: still of celery, slight ginger

TASTE: spicy, can taste the ginger,
must cut back on the ginger!!
Makes my eyes WATER!!

TEXTURE: very, very juice like,
wasn't sure since I have been juicing thru a blender with fruit. 

So, there we have it...the official start,
but I am NOT claiming this as Day 1!!

Must research other recipes,
 find better flavor matches for my taste buds!!
(something a little sweeter would do nicely!)

Besides, there's still some 
pan fried chicken 
in the fridge calling my name!! 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Completed Projects!

Ok, so it is taking me longer to post here 
 than I originally thought it would! 
    Mainly because I can't remember how or when I load pics onto my laptop!  
If only I could blog from my phone!! 
 (And yes, I own a camera, but with 4 kids...  I am lucky to know where my phone is!)
                         are some pics of my work from the last two months!

My first sock monkey! 
Took about 2 weeks of on & off crocheting to finish. I gave this one to my oldest Daughter, Brittany!

My first baby shoes!These are in the mail to a very special little girl!

My first baby doll - called Mini Lulu. In the mail to a special niece! 

And 2 Chemo hats for a special friend and her mom!

I have definitely stayed busy. I did finish the Leaf Scarf but no pics yet and I am pretty sure that I have done more! Just can't remember what! But I am trying my best to load everything as I go! And will hopefully be better at posting as I go as well!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Kimmi is going to Camp Electric!

Ok, so I have blogged, facebooked
and emailed about this every where except here! 
Kimmi won a full scholarship to Camp Electric!
She will be going to Nashville in July!! And we are so excited! Kimmi is a talented vocalist and guitarist and has been blessed by this scholarship! We are starting a fundraiser to help get her there!! Anything left will go to the others to get them to camp as well! Here is the link:

For more information on Camp Electric:

Thank YOU for your support!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And then the ceiling fell...

Yes, it has already started out as 'one of THOSE days'.
You know, the kind that make you want to go back to bed...
So, I am already up, listening to some awesome music, taking pictures of my project to show you...
~the leaf scarf~

 ~chemo hat~

And recently finished...
 ~rolled hat~

~needled tatted bookmark, given away at Christmas~

Yes, I was enjoying my morning...

and then the roof came down...
when? how? not really sure of the exact answers...
sometime during the night, thought the kids were up - who knew what was truly happening!!

So, when your hubs wakes you up before the sun...
it isn't always good news. Oh, the joys of living in military quarters. The maintenance guy -tho holding back laughter- informed me that they had been there since the house had been built - 
hmmm, if I remember correctly, 
that was the EARLY '70's!  
And no one thought to check this stuff before letting us move in last year? Ok, so maybe that is our responsibility, who knows...this house had taken a beating before they let our zoo in here...we just get the privilege of ...!

Up and Running

Well, so I hope that I goal here? To hopefully, once in a blue moon, 
share my creative side. I love to sew and make things. Crochet, knit, needle tat, 
make soap, paper crafts...and dance! Whatever and  where ever the wind may blow 
me that day is where I end up. Hopefully, this blog will encourage me to be 
creative on a more stable basis and you will be blessed by what I share!

Right now I am working on:
~ a Leaf Style knitted scarf for my mom - 2 years in the making...
~ a few chemo crocheted hats for a few friends...
~ flag and color ideas for Easter...
~ choreography for 3, no 4 I think dances for this Spring...

Ok, so just a few things on my plate. Besides this, I homeschool my 
four beautiful, talented children. They range in age from 9 to 17! I am blessed 
to be a military wife of 20 years now, I love my hubs with all my heart, 
and wouldn't trade it for anything! 

God built me for this job and trains me constantly so I can keep up!

So, as I learn to blog, do my creative thing, and actually finish a project, 
I can only hope that I am able to share with you who I am and what I do!

I am a child of God. He loves me and I love Him.