Friday, July 27, 2012

The promises of blogging...

Initially when I decided to blog (some where around many moons ago) I figured that it wouldn't be that hard. I love to write, I live to talk, I love to talk about the things I make and the things I love to do, so it can't be that hard to write about them - right?

Hmm, well, obviously it is harder than I thought. I am not just one to write about what my kids are doing on a daily basis, or even weekly (I tried that in a different blog - I think there were half a dozen post in a s many years) basis about homeschooling my four amazing children - that didn't work either. So, the question remains, what makes me tick and how do I write about it.

I love...
                                          walking                                                  God
     beaches                                                                lighthouses
                                                                                              friends                                      family

I also have to work...
                                                 Real Estate

But how do I tell you - the world - about it without boring you to death?
Well, for one, at the moment, I won't write a daily log of what i had for dinner (not unless it is an awesome recipe I must share). And when I am sick (like the last few days) I promise not to get on here and whine about how miserable I feel (even if it is true).

With that in mind, I will share about the items listed above, with the understanding that I am free to speak my opinion and not that of others - meaning, that if you don't like it, that's fine, this is how I feel not you. I promise to honor God in my writing, and to stay realistic in my the mean time, I pray that you are touched by my insights, inspired by my creations, and willing to come back the next time I post to see what else I am up to...

until then...
I'll be knee deep in my real estate books trying to pass this obnoxious test on the third of August. Prayers are greatly needed!!

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