Thursday, August 9, 2012

That dirty little word...

e x e r i s e.

yes, it is dirty.

it makes one sweaty and tired... & 

i do not like it at all. unfortunately, it is good for you. 
so they say.

i keep searching for easy ways out, you know, liking and repining everything on pinterest that looks like it will make it easier. so far it all looks the same - h a r d.

i was a member of Curves for almost two years and did very well. it was a lot of fun, but after a while, you loose momentum, the desire to be dripping with sweat and panting for a breath. and once it was lost, i just could not find it again.

as a dancer, i know how much exercise is good for you, i really do. i love to dance. i dance all the time when no one is looking but i still have days where my toes are just too far away to reach. but there is just something about that word that makes one lazy...too lazy to even hit the shift bar to capitalize my capitols...just sayin'.

a few years ago a doctor really did tell me something similar to the cartoon above. seriously...though, i love to dance, i enjoy Zumba (not that it is fit for public view) and i enjoy belly dancing...there is a pattern to it all - it must be fun. amazingly though, fun does not remove the muffin fluffy stuff hanging around my belt line.

well, recently, i was advised by my doctor to attend hot yoga. being a christian woman, i had not considered this theory of painstakingly entangling my body in a hot steaming, humid room of other such bodies. it just doesn't sound fun. i still have yet to try it. i met an amazing, inspiring woman in my office that is doing hot yoga (as well as a regulated diet) that has lost over 60 pounds and has no stretch marks or hanging skin from doing this. infact, she looks amazing...

therefore, i pose this question...would you? and WHY would you?

it doesn't sound fun.
but i really do want to be healthy.
enjoy life.
live long.
see my great, great, great  grandchildren's children.
(ok, so maybe that is a bit much but you get the idea)

in the meantime, i will stick with dancing with my Lord and Savior...making a joyful noise to Him and praying that my belly gets smaller and my toes move closer...can i have an amen?!?!?!?!

       Praise him with tambourine and dance; praise him with strings and pipe!
Psalm 150:4

d a n c e...
makes dirty words clean.

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