Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas in North Carolina

Well, once again it has been a while since I posted on here. While cleaning my kitchen tonight - specifically the microwave at 1:30 am - I realized why I never bother to blog...while lead me on an hour journey of resetting my password just so that I could officially tell you why. Facebook. Seriously, Facebook is why I do not blog. Probably why I never really got into my blog in the first place. Why take the time here when I can easily post my frustration in two to five paragraphs on a site that I have almost 1,000 friends. Here - at the moment - I have three followers that I am aware of. Why bore them when they are probably on Facebook as well. 

That is exactly what made me think - why not? At least on here no one is going to tell me I am wrong for getting on my soapbox, or for not being PC about my faith or my ideals on how life should run. At least no one ever has yet. Maybe that would change if I actually took the time to blog about the things that set me off instead of taking my chance on FB to begin with.

It is funny though, here it is hours after midnight on the day after Christmas, and instead of thinking about my long-awaited iPad or the tax classes I need to finish, I thought about my long forgotten blog that I started in 2011. One might think that Christmas in North Carolina is not that exciting that I am not spending my first blog back telling of the splendor of the day, but that is not true. Why my mind wondered here I may never know. But, the fact that I actually took the time to figure out how to get back into my account with multiple attempts and I am actually writing is a very good start to the end of an amazing year.

Christmas was amazing today. We had a very tight year with my hubs now retired and me being a full-time student. The children got all that their hearts desired, plus some unexpected surprises. Our bellies were filled with scrumptious food that will be waiting in the fridge for tomorrow, I mean today's meals. The turkey bones are in the crock-pot simmering to make homemade stock and amazingly my kitchen is clean. The living room not so much, but one can only do so much when a blog is attacking her mind.

I pray that you too had a splendid CHRISTmas and that you found joy in your day. May you also have remembered the true reason for the season and may that reason be a blessing for the days to come.

Merry CHRISTmas to all, and to all,
I bid you good night!

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